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Put a stop to sweet itch in horses with ARAN-YA

The tormenting and long-lasting summer eczema affects horses in most cases after the bites of midges and black flies. The consequences are scaly and permanently weeping or even bloody areas on the skin, especially in the area of the mane and tail root, which are caused by the animals' reaction to the severe itching. If your darling is also affected by this skin disorder, you can combat its symptoms with effective aids from Aran-ya and, thanks to careful eczema care, give your horse noticeable relief.

Summer eczema in horses occurs exclusively in the warm season and is an allergic skin disease caused by an overreaction of the animals to the bites of insects - especially midges. When the tormentors disappear from the scene in autumn and winter, the symptoms they cause also disappear completely - only to return regularly next summer.

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Although summer eczema can be harmless in different horses, the predominant symptoms are always the same:

  • Skin rash (pustules) with crusting and scaling

  • severe itching, which causes restlessness and constant chafing

  • Skin thickening and hairless chafing

  • and sores and bleeding that can develop into weeping sores.

sweet itch? Protect horses from insect bites - and then relieve the itching


In any case, the symptoms described should remain under careful observation, since otherwise dangerous secondary infections can also spread.  Since summer eczema in horses, as already briefly mentioned, is based on an allergic reaction to proteins in the saliva of the Culicoides mosquito, the actual cause cannot really be treated. It is therefore all the more important, on the one hand, to prevent the insect bites that trigger the symptoms and, on the other hand, if they do occur, to alleviate the itching in the affected horse. So-called eczema blankets offer protection against stings, for example, but avoiding marshy pastures near water, especially at dusk, also has a beneficial effect. In addition to careful grooming of your horse’s coat, itching is relieved above all by the sustainable use of appropriate natural-based products, which you can buy online from ARAN-YA.

Order effective products for eczema care in horses in the ARAN-YA shop


The ARAN-YA product with the very apt name Eczema Care is effective in combating eczema on horse skin. It disinfects and supports the regeneration of the skin, so that the diseased area recovers quickly and a new infestation is hardly to be expected. Above all, it relieves the itching and thus prevents the horse from repeatedly chafing or even biting the affected areas. Your darling will be much calmer and less stressed.

Thanks to the integrated CSS (Controlled Supply System), the active ingredients contained reach the affected areas continuously and over a long period of time. This allows you to use the ARAN-YA eczema care very sparingly without restricting the perfect protection and optimal care for your horse in any way. It is also important for us to point out that ARAN-YA eczema care is free of antibiotics and cortisone. Nevertheless, the itching of the horse affected by summer eczema is stopped in the long term, and no oily residues remain on the skin.

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