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eczema in the dog

Eczema in dogs: ARAN-YA has the solution

Eczema in dogs can sometimes have dangerous consequences if left untreated. In any case, the insidious disease is very unpleasant for your beloved four-legged friend. It is not always immediately clear how the scaly skin change occurs, since a whole range of factors can be considered as the cause. As experts in natural animal care, we are happy to inform you about the topic and how you can create help with your faithful companion.

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Causes of eczema in dogs

Often a lack of grooming, injuries, a flea or tick bite or a parasite or a resulting bacterial infection are behind the eczema in dogs. In four-legged friends with many wrinkles, the eczema can also have mechanical reasons. However, an allergic reaction is often responsible for the skin disease. In this case, it is essential to have a veterinarian clarify what exactly is causing the allergy, otherwise the eczema will keep coming back.


Sometimes eczema is even caused by serious medical conditions - and these can be quite dangerous if left untreated. For example, a disruption in hormone levels, liver or kidney dysfunction can be behind the skin change. In this scenario, the eczema is more or less an expression of a metabolic disorder that accompanies the disease. When there is a problem with the liver or kidneys, your dog's skin steps into the breach and tries to transport metabolic toxins out of the body. This usually results in eczema.


Eczema in dogs: These symptoms appear

Even if there are very different causes of eczema in dogs - the symptoms are usually quite similar: reddening of the skin and small, initially dry nodules are accompanied by annoying itching. The latter in turn means that the dog scratches, licks or nibbles on the eczema, which promotes a so-called hotspot. This refers to open wounds, which in many cases also ooze, swell and can lead to new inflammation. Blisters filled with pus or even purulent areas can also arise from the eczema. At this stage, the itching can also turn into severe pain.

Dogs with comparatively dense fur are more often affected, as parasites and bacteria can get caught in it much more easily. In addition, the weeping eczema described occurs much more frequently in the warm season, which is why this form of the disease is commonly referred to as summer eczema in dogs.

So that it doesn't get that far in the first place, a trip to the vet is essential. They can also tell you with certainty what the cause of the disease is. Among other things, it is also relevant where the eczema is located in the dog. Because the place where the eczema is located allows conclusions to be drawn about the background of the disease.


Treating eczema in dogs: Order care products from ARAN-YA now

If the dog develops eczema, treatment with an itch-relieving agent follows, among other things. As a proven specialist in animal care products, ARAN-YA naturally has the ideal product ready for this purpose: "ARAN-YA Eczema Care" for dogs. The product helps to quickly and effectively relieve itching. Of course, this has an extremely calming effect on your animal - and the skin eczema that plagues your dog so much can now finally heal.

Are you looking for an effective way to relieve the annoying itching in dogs with eczema? Then you should definitely visit our shop and order our proven "ARAN-YA eczema care" - guaranteed at a low price!

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