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At ARAN-YA, we have made it our mission to offer animal lovers and pet owners the best possible protection and care products for their four-legged friends. Through constant checks and further developments, we guarantee the high quality and effectiveness of our products.

In order to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and thus preserve nature,  we develop and produce our products exclusively in Germany.

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Natural care

both dog and horse

With our grooming products, we follow a simple approach: we want your pet to be protected and well cared for. Unfortunately, it can also be seen in this area that people often literally "shoot at sparrows with cannons". Eczema in dogs and itching in horses can be treated with natural remedies just as well, if not better and more gently than with the "chemical club". For us, it's all about the holistic approach: We want to alleviate the symptoms of the animals and at the same time support the body's own ability to regenerate.

Reliably relieve itching in horses

The itching in horses is particularly pronounced in the summer months. One cause of this is black flies and midges, which can cause severe symptoms through their bites. This is prevented by our anti-black fly & midge spray, which uses pheromones to deter and drive away the pests.


If your horse is tormented by autumn grass mites or if it suffers from summer eczema for another reason, we recommend ARAN-YA Eczema Care Horse and ARAN-YA Scab Ointment for support.

Dogs often have to struggle with summer eczema in the hot season – or with fungal and mite infestations. During this time, the four-legged friends go into the water more often, and the fur/skin stays wet or damp for a long time, which promotes skin diseases. Our ARAN-YA eczema care dog or ARAN-YA anti-fungal & mite dog help against this.


And after a long liquid manure bath - or simply when your wet darling smells a little stronger in the heat - we recommend ARAN-YA fur and skin care itch-free. This care shampoo not only makes the coat shine, but also helps stressed skin to regenerate and relieves itching.


Aran-ya pet care products

we help your animals

Nature gives us a lot of beautiful things, but unfortunately also insects, parasites and various substances to which we humans and our animals react differently. We at ARAN-YA have set ourselves the goal of finding natural remedies and preparing them in an innovative way. Our animal care products enable natural animal care for your dog, horse or other pets through herbal products, for example through natural essential and natural biological oils such as borage oil, aloe vera, laurel oil, ylang ylang and black cumin oil.

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Dog around protected and cared for

And for man's best friend, we have even more in our range. While we can put on shoes to protect our feet from external influences in summer and winter, the paws of our four-legged friends are defenseless. In summer the streets sometimes get so hot that the dog escapes from one shadow to the next.


In addition, the road salt causes him additional problems, especially in winter. The ARAN-YA paw care keeps the paws healthy and protects them from external influences. Cracks are closed quickly, the caring substances in the paw care keep the paws supple, prevent them from tearing open and offer additional protection.

Does your dog often scratch itself without any obvious illness? Maybe he just has dry skin or some kind of neurodermatitis. Incorrect care and the resulting dry skin that itches and stresses the dog can be the cause. Help your darling with the ARAN-YA coat & skin care, which provides the skin with sufficient moisture and stops itching.


Perfectly groomed from head to toe

both dog and horse

Anyone who owns or cares for a horse knows, of course, that care is also extremely important in addition to attention. A keyword that primarily affects the hooves is "asphalt" - because this hard road surface wears and loads the hooves a lot.


Here, for example, the ARAN-YA frog care comes into play, which helps to keep the horse's frog, i.e. the cartilage cushion in the hooves, healthy. Even with thrush, the remedy from our hoof care shop supports regeneration. In addition, our ARAN-YA hoof care keeps the hoof supple and prevents it from becoming dry and brittle.


Maybe you are wondering what our brand name ARAN-YA means? It is an artificial word, originally comes from the Slavic language area and means something like "shiny" or "golden". We think the name "ARAN-YA" therefore fits our pet care products quite well. And if you still want to know why you should order the ARAN-YA animal care products cheaply and conveniently from the manufacturer here in the shop? Hopefully we have given you convincing reasons for this.

Aran-ya distributors

We are expanding our distributor network in Europe.

You can currently purchase ARAN-YA products in Spain as well as in Germany. The website of our partner Distributiones Tuscos: 


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